Socially Awkwardness

despite 2 years of being Secretary General & 2 years of being Chair, i still feel super socially awkward in certain situations. it sucks. i know, i argue that EVERYONE is somewhat socially awkward, but i just feel so inadequate in public sometimes. in particular, with women. everything just changes. i don’t feel comfortable. i get super self-conscious. i wanna just run away screaming. it’s ridiculous. but it’s real.

the usual relief of this is alcohol. but then you develop a more serious, dangerous problem sometimes.

the social pressures of impressing others is tiring. why is being yourself so hard?


One thought on “Socially Awkwardness

  1. I think a lot of people are socially awkward and that’s probably why they drink. I feel so socially anxious sometimes I don’t even want to out. I’d rather stay at home but then you just alienate yourself even further. I think its good to strike up a conversation with someone you feel comfortable with and just be honest. You’ll learn a lot of people feel the same way and its okay. You are still relatively young so you’re still figuring out who you are so just just enjoy it. I think it’ll help you grow into yourself more and make you feel more steady. Its all a growing process! You’ll be okay! I believe in you!

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