Promise to Myself

i promise to…

get back into photography. not in an artsy-fartsy kind of way in order to advance some kind of bourgeois, “art for art sake” mentality. but just to get better at the craft for use in the community. i love taking pictures. but i could do a hell of a better job at it.

more to be added to this list.


One thought on “Promise to Myself

  1. Dear Lyle,

    Please check out Liwanag Kultural Center in Daly City for more Events related to media (photography as well as cinema) We just watched a dope film called “SAKAY” based on the revolutionary general of Tagalog in the Philippines (1993) by Raymond Red. The film was introduced by J.O.A.L, (a kultural community artist) who is a teacher at Westmoor Highschool, and Sergio (another community organizer who also happens to be a visual artist and designer).

    Anyhow, J.O.A.L mentioned how there will be more photography classes starting in a week or two and I thought of you after reading your blog.

    Welcome back!

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