A “Political” Blog

Some who just know me through organizational/ political work may be somewhat shocked at my lack of “political” posts. I put “political” in quotations because everything is political, even the not so overt. You just have to read between the lines.

But I digress. Yeah, why no major political writings? No forwarding of statements, petitions, etc.

The main reason is unintentional. I write whatever is on my mind and Comic-Con and movies have been on my mind. Does it mean I’ve taken a step back in terms of my political development? If you’re asking that question, then you really don’t know me. It’s ok, very few do.

The more I think about it, the reason is more symbolic of my mindset this whole summer.

So I’ve been a member of this organization called the League of Filipino Students- SFSU since my freshmen year (don’t remind me when that was). I’ve had two terms as Secretary General and more recently, two terms as Chairperson. Currently, I’m the Educational Development Officer, hopefully my last year as an officer. Not that I hate the organization or the responsibility, I just feel like it’s been a really long run as an officer and I look forward to new challenges.

Though my last term as Chair didn’t officially end until this past weekend through our Summer Retreat, I (mistakenly) acted like it did with the completion of my last final. I ran for a mental break back home in San Diego. I needed it no doubt. But to act as if I could freeze time and live in a bubble, that’s an example of my privilege as a petty-b 1st worlder. I just wanted time to catch my breath and to enjoy the post-Chair world.

But whether I had a position still or not, I had a responsibility to uphold. As someone who was still Chair and an incoming ED Officer. And as a person conscious of the world. I know for damn sure, that no matter how long and deep I stick my head in the sand, no matter how many Comic-Cons I go to, and how many movies I see, the issues I’ve fought/fight for still persist. Tuition went up 30% since the end of the semester. Melissa Roxas was kidnapped, tortured, and criminalized since the end of May. Obama gave the big thumbs up to GMA at the end of July, even though she is pretty much everything he claimed to stand against. People have died (mostly folks you have never seen on TV), jobs continue to be harder to come by, and the promise of hope once again is just another broken promise by a politician.

Through all of that, something else happened this summer. Two people very close to my heart gave birth to the very reason why we must continue to fight for a better future. Holding a child who is less than a week old is all you need to kick-start any lost determination.

This summer was all about consolidation of my sanity. Figuring out where I was at and if where I wanted to go was still my intended destination. Much of that consisted of “non-political” activities. But I had no doubt that I was still dedicated to the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines, and the worldwide movement for peoples’ liberation.

With that said, I’ve always seen this as my space where I can show the “other” side of myself. The one not on TV or a statement. The one that would much rather read a book or watch a good movie or take a random trip to a random place. That Lyle doesn’t get enough space to express himself.

I shaved my head today. I feel it’s symbolic for the need of a new start. I’ve begun to say farewell to Summer 2009. Ready to continue changing the world in whatever little way I am.



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