Health and Physical Activity = Not My Strong Suit

So let’s be frank. Filipinos, in general, don’t have the best record in terms of health responsibility. Or maybe it’s just my family, I just need to look at them to be reminded. I stand to inherit a whole lot of health issues. One can just stand there and accept fate. But fortunately, I’m surrounded by people who not only fight for change on a global scale, but personally. Fate is a non-material idea. If I am to believe that fate doesn’t determine people, people determine fate, then I must personally believe that.

So on the road toward health consciousness, I’ve begun to keep track of my daily calorie intake. Doing the calculations is the fun part. Realizing how much I take in is not.

Yes, I realize that I’m skinny. But so were my father and older brother when they were my age. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover right?

On that note, I will be competing with a ragtag group ballers for Liwanag Kultural Center’s “Light It Up” Basketball Tournament.

Because of prior engagements, I haven’t been able to practice so I’m behind the curve. Also, I haven’t played in months. So after today’s practice, I’m just a little sore. We have a couple weeks before the tourney to build up stamina, work on plays, teamwork, shooting, etc. I just hope to get good enough to contribute something to the team.

Sports has never been one of my skills. Sports knowledge, yes. But actually playing them…well, let’s just say I followed normal nerd convention and was always picked last. I once dreamed of playing major league baseball. But I couldn’t do little league because everyone in my family was busy.

So I think this is just my way of challenging those demons. That, and if I have to exercise, I’d much rather play a sport. It’s more compelling for me to do. Though I hope to start running at least once a week within the next couple of months.

Small steps. It’s better than accepting “fate”.


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