But what about Brett Fa-vre?!

If you follow sports, you may know that quasi-retired quarterback, Brett Favre, has once again come back from the dark pit called retirement. For the past few years, the 39-year-old has wrestled with the idea of retirement. It has been a constant source of drama and gossip every off-season. Last year, he announced his retirement from his long-time team, the Green Bay Packers. Then a few weeks later, changed his mind and wanted back on the team. The Packers made the controversial decision to stick with his successor. They traded him to the New York Jets, where he led them to a 9-7 record but out of the playoffs. This off-season, he decided to retire again, citing injuries and a decline in his ability to perform. He asked for and was granted his release from the Jets, again fueling speculation that he would attempt another comeback. This time with the team of his choice, the Minnesota Vikings. But on July 28th, he told the team he would stay retired. We all thought that would be the end of the story. Oh we were so wrong…

Honestly? I feel Brett Favre is a selfish, egotistical, old fart who never learned the concept of ‘step up, step back’, who’s bitter that the Packers said NO to him, and who wants to relive his glory days even though he’s way past his prime. YEAH I SAID IT!

There are some who say, ‘oh, but he’s Brett Favre, he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, he can do whatever he wants.’ What’s with putting people on pedestals? Yeah, he holds most of the career passing records (though I will argue its more because of his longevity). It doesn’t mean he has the right to fuck with all these teams, players, coaches, fans, etc. That’s why veteran mentality is dangerous and should be fought against everywhere. Just because you’ve been around for a long time, it doesn’t mean you can act like you’re better than everyone else.

It started with the Packers, who has shown more than enough support and respect towards Favre. They suffered through years of speculation that he might call it quits. When he finally announced it, they respected his decision and had to plan for life after him. Then, acting if the world revolved around him, he decided to come back. He demanded that the Packers give him his job back. So if our parents decided to retire from their jobs tomorrow, then weeks later, changed their minds, do you think their employer would give them their job back? Probably not!

So the Packers put their foot down and said that they were tired of being fucked around with. They couldn’t do this, year after year, not knowing if they could count on him or not. So they stuck to their guns and traded him. He got all sorts of butt-hurt. Why? Probably because he feels the world should bow to whatever he wants.

Ok, I don’t want to spend much thought on this. I just think it’s stupid. Veteran-ism should not be tolerated. The Vikings definitely deserve much blame for this as well. I hope the Vikings fall flat on Favre’s turnovers. I hope this off-season, Favre takes a real good look at himself in the mirror and realizes that he needs to pass the torch. He needs to move on with his life and stop chasing his youth. Give it up Favre. GIVE IT UP!


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