NFL Week One: Chargers vs. Raiders “Why can’t we ever have a good start?”

So the Chargers pull out a win, 24-20, against the Oakland Raiders, our bitter rivals. I’ve been reading every sort of analysis of the game since. Here’s my main thoughts:

-Man, we were lucky to pull that one out!

-Why does our team insist on only playing the last quarter? They’re literally killing their fans!

-Both our offensive and defensive lines looked soft. We were barely able to get any semblance of a running game going. Rivers was pressured way too much. We had no pass rush on Russell. Our big guys got handled, plain and simple.

-Rivers proves that his new contract was worth it. He’s a master at the two-min drill. But can we play like that for the other 58 min?

-We got beat up last night. Hardwick, Vazquez, LT, Castillo, Jamal, Gregory, Applewhite, McNeil, probably other people. This was my biggest fear and I feel our main roadblock to winning a championship. Hopefully our GM can find some depth, especially at our line positions.

-For everyone getting on the Chargers for their bad play, you have to give it up to the Raiders (yes, I hate to say it as much as the next Charger fan, haha). They played tough, made some of the plays they needed to, and had us beat after 57 min of football. Their defense is underrated and once Russell can get some offensive rhythm, they may be able to turn that corner. I’m sure our next match up will be just as an exciting game. They also have one of the most loyal fan bases in all of sports (yes, I’m talking to you bandwagon Charger fans). Give props where props is due.

-Dear Defensive Coordinator Rivera: was that it? Come on dude. We’re going to be facing better, bigger offensive lines. We have to create some kind of havoc, like we did with the Colts last year. Otherwise, this will be 2008 all over again. 3/4 of our secondary is good. But when there’s no pass rush, they look like rookies. Let’s see the three-headed monster already!

-Dear Clinton Hart: yes, it was your fault…AGAIN. Ok, maybe Cro was just as at fault, but that’s the same stuff that happened last year. You’ve shown to be consistently weak in coverage. You can either prove us wrong or give up your roster spot to someone else. I’m voting for the latter.

-Merriman: you get somewhat of a pass because that’s your first full game back. I hope you get better soon.

-LT had an average of 4.2 per rush. That’s respectable, not his best, but not horrible. Too bad to hear about the injury. I’m certainly cheering for you to prove everyone wrong.

-The commentators sucked last night. Yes, Mike and Mike and Steve…Young. They were pretty boring. Kind of like their talk show. Hope to never hear them cover another game.

Overall, it was a really exciting game, glad to have folks to trash talk with but still like at the end, and a win is a win. We’re better off than we were last season.

For next week, we take on the Ravens. If the Chiefs can take it to them, so can we. We have the talent to win the game, we just have to plug up some holes before then. See ya Sunday!


One thought on “NFL Week One: Chargers vs. Raiders “Why can’t we ever have a good start?”

  1. CBS gotta love that… gotta have them watching till the very end. That’s the Chargers for you. They start slow and procrastinate till the end… then BAM like a bolt of lightening… like you LYLE. haha… my jokes are dumb.

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