NFL Week Two: Chargers vs. Ravens “At least we didn’t lose as bad as we thought we would?”

Let’s face it, NOBODY, not even many Chargers fans, thought the team had a shot at winning. Even myself, after looking how both teams played last week, was being pretty pessimistic. Especially after losing Jamal Williams, the rock of the defense, for the rest of the year. Our defense was looking soft enough as it is.

We lost, as expected. But it definitely wasn’t a cake walk for the Ravens and the Chargers didn’t just lay down and die. We had our chances and could have pulled out a win. Anyways, here’s my observations.

-Philip Rivers threw for 436 yards. That kept us in it. We knew that our running game was going to be largely ineffective, so Philip had to carry it. He threw two interceptions on our side of field which resulted in 10 points for the Ravens. But no one’s perfect. He’s the reason our team hasn’t completely collapsed.

-Another big day from Sproles. But today is further proof that he shouldn’t be a feature running back. That was a sweet TD catch though. A few good returns. We just need to give him more space to run, whether it’s a rushing or receiving play.

-Our makeshift offensive line held up better than expected, especially with that tough Raven defense. Rivers got pushed around a lot, but they gave him enough time to have a big game. Hopefully the starters come back soon and with more playing time, the line can work with each other better.

-The main reason why we didn’t win was our inability to score touchdowns when we were deep in Raven territory (aka unable to convert in the red zone). That’s the drawback when all we can do is pass the ball, the closer we get to the other team’s end zone, the harder it is for our receivers to find space to get open. In the past, we had our running game to help push our way towards the end zone. Until we have a line that can create holes, we must find creative ways to get into the end zone. Otherwise, we better get used to field goals.

-Penalties killed us. Seemed like the calls were going the Ravens way, even though the home team tends to get the advantage. I was yelling at the TV screen very loudly, but I try to not to blame penalties for the outcome of a game (except for that Broncos game last year!) But its just the little things dug us into a deeper hole. Hopefully the rookies learn and try to not repeat those mistakes.

-Our defense got killed the first half. Second half we got less killed. Made some important stops in the 4th quarter that gave us a chance. Finally got some pressure on the QB late. Our line got better as the game went. Our strength is making adjustments as the game goes along. We just have to find a way to start the game strong and finish stronger. Overall…not as bad as originally feared.

-Our secondary got burned on another TD play that shouldn’t have happened. This time it was Antoine Cason who bit on fake. He made an interception later on, so I guess that kinda makes up for it.

-Todd Heap only had one reception. I don’t know what the reasons exactly were but fuck it…WE FINALLY STOPPED A TIGHT END! Let’s keep doing that.

-BAL’s Kelley Washington: lamest end zone dance ever. Yeah I said it.

-Questionable play calling at the end of both halves. FG on 3rd and 10 with 10 seconds left. Running play on 4th and 2 with 40 something seconds left. It’s easy to play Monday Morning QB and criticize the calls. If they went our way, no one would be saying anything. If they tried something else and still failed, they’d still be criticized. We just have to get them right in the playoffs.

-Dear Kuya Lawrence: We, Bay Area Charger Fans, thank you for ordering NFL Sunday Ticket. Its online component is the reason why we’re able to watch the games. It helps us feel a little closer to home. Thanks again!

-Dear Shawne Merriman: glad you finally made some plays. The progress makes me hopeful.

-Dear Band Wagon Fans: get the fuck off! If you think the team sucks, then you obviously weren’t around for the late 90s. I want the team to win, but unlike you, win or lose, I’m still a Chargers fan. I don’t just hop on the hottest team because it’s popular. It’s called loyalty. Since you have none, cheer for the Broncos, even though they won’t win the division this year.

With all that said, things have to look a little more hopeful than when we came in. I would have loved the win, but what can you do? Just gotta look forward to the next game against Miami. Hopefully we get a little healthier and we’ve learned to defend against that Wildcat offense. I’m excited I get to watch this next game back home in San Diego!

1-1. Not bad. Could be worst right?


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