Man plays Grand Theft Auto IV for 40 hours, breaks record

I’ve played video games for a few hours straight. I don’t know my record, but I do remember the sun being up, darkness, then sun rise. But for 40 hours…geez. Talk about getting caught up. And really, is this a record one should be proud about? Is it something to put on a resume? Would your parents brag about this to their friends?

I do think it’s funny that he did physical activity to train for something that requires you to sit for a long time. But based on outside appearance, he doesn’t seem out of shape.

Among the other reasons why I would never come close to this, I also get bored of things quick. I could probably play ten different games in 40 hours. That’s if I ever had the time to do that.

Man plays Grand Theft Auto IV for 40 hours, breaks record

by Mike Smith

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We’ve had an all-night gaming session or three in our time, but this is ridiculous.

Grand Theft Auto IVSome records are made to be broken. By the same guy.


Chirantan Patnaik, a resident of Mumbai, India, became an official Guinness Record holder last month when he clocked over 40 continuous hours playing Rockstar’s 2008 smash Grand Theft Auto IV, reports GameCulture. Patnaik trained for the marathon event by running, exercising, and yoga — which no doubt prepared him well for Grand Theft Auto’s themes of running, shooting, and stealing cars.

The previous record was held by a U.S. citizen and stood at a mere 28 hours and one minute. Patnaik, who has a day job as an equities trader, isn’t done, either: he plans to challenge his own record in an attempt to make it to 48 hours.

“I enjoyed the game very much. It’s fun playing long hours. It wasn’t that exhaustive for me, as one might feel,” Patnaik told long-running Indian news channel Zeenews. Under the rules laid down by Guinness, Patnaik could take a ten-minute break every hour, but he only took four over the course of his two-day session.

How did he keep his energy levels up? “Staying away from coffee and eating dates during my game helped me to stay alert and fit,” he told Zeenews.

Maybe it’s just us, but fiber-packed snacks like dates just don’t seem like a good snack choice for a marathon like this. Chirantan, we admire your commitment…not to mention your intestinal fortitude.


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