Pam and Jim from “The Office”: The reason why I’m not completely hopeless

For those of you who know me (in real life or in blog life), there are two things that are very apparent:

1) I’m a hopeless, very hopeless romantic

2) I watch a lot of TV.

The first one is true. The second one, not so much lately. At least on the actual television. Now I usually watch TV shows on DVD or the internet.

One show that I used to watch on TV, but stopped because I just didn’t have the time anymore is “The Office” (the US version).

It has changed a lot over the years, from being a mid-season replacement that was criticized for being a too much like a carbon-copy of the original, U.K. version to entering its 6th season, airing 107 episodes and counting, winning numerous awards, and putting Scranton, Pennsylvania on the map (though I still have no idea where it actually is, only that it’s two hours from New York City).

One theme that they’ve been able to capture throughout its existence is the all-too-common “office romance”. It’s natural right? You fall for those you work closely with. Sometimes it’s just a fling. Other times, it’ll be a love story you only see on TV.

That brings me to one of my favorite TV couples of the decade (and maybe even all time), Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski).

Their story isn’t uncommon. Girl and Boy get along. Girl is engaged to someone else. Boy is tortured. Boy confesses his feelings to girl. Girl rejects him. Boy and Girl kiss. Boy moves away. Girl breaks off engagement because of Boy. Boy comes back with someone else. Girl is tortured. It’s not the same between Girl and Boy. Boy breaks up with the other. Boy asks Girl out. Boy asks Girl to marry him.

Oh why am I explaining it. There’s a video that does a better job. Or it’s the best one I could find on youtube. Enjoy!

It’s hard to completely get five seasons worth of back and forth heartache in five minutes, but you get the idea.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, they FINALLY got married.

Why do I seem so invested in a fake couple? I know it’s TV and it’s glamorized, but what they have is essentially what I want. Someone I really get along with. Someone that makes me feel natural about everything. Someone who just makes sense (all that plus an entire list of other things I’ll save for a future entry). Though there are times when I’m bitter, demoralized, and extremely anti-relationship, fake examples like Pam & Jim and real examples like my parents give me a glimmer of hope that I can have that one day.

Have I been too affected by years of TV culture? Probably. But fuck it, I think I can have a small part of me that’s idealistic about love and all that junk.

I can also relate to a certain degree with their entire story. We all probably can (even a little). I don’t think their story is too cheesy. They just make sense. Pretty simple right?

I look forward to following their relationship via the internet for years to come. Congrats fake couple! (and to Jenna and John for getting married in real life getting…not to each other, that’d just be too Hollywood)


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