Top 5 Posts (as of 10/27/09)

It’s been almost four months still I’ve started this thing. While you don’t want to think you’re writing for other people and that you write just for yourself, especially on your own personal blog…fuck it…I’ll admit I kinda care what people think of this thing. Especially since this might be one of my career paths, if people don’t like what/ how I write, then I can kiss that road goodbye.

I try and put some work into this. Just enough that I put up stuff I can stand by, but not too much that it stands in the way of my current priorities.

One of the things I love about wordpress is that it gives you a detailed report on the hits you get. It breaks it down all sorts of ways and I always have a special place in my heart for graphs. So now I will go over the top five posts (in terms of hits) on ‘Blog O’ Brain Farts’ for the past four months.

1. Joe Wilson + Kanye West + freshman from Gonzo’s class = when not knowing when to STFU goes wrong
A week of dudes who opened their mouths at the wrong time and the public who pays too much attention to them. Celebrities do help your numbers. Damn. Guess I should write about the Kardashians next.
Hits: 55

2. 7 Ways Your Siblings May Have Shaped You
Didn’t write this one, just added my take on it. Guess a lot of us have been affected by our siblings. That could be a good or bad thing?
Hits: 41

3. I Watched: (500) Days of Summer
One of the first long posts I wrote and my first crack at a movie review. Those are hard for me to write. Guess that’s why I haven’t done one in a while. But I love doing them. This is definitely one of my favorite posts because of the subject and I really felt what I was writing about.
Hits: 40

4. (tie) First Week of School Rant: The Beginning of the End
Oh the first week of school. I was pissed off. Any solution to this? Nope. I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. We have a lot to fight for.
Hits: 37

4. (tie) Ain’t No Power Like the Power of the Youth…
Interesting, a tie for the two posts about how us students are getting fucked over. Though there is no dispute who is oppressed more. Can’t wait to be with these folks again next summer.
Hits: 37

5. On the Poll: Who should play ‘Captain America’ on the big screen?
Oh how do I love polls (which reminds me, I haven’t done one in a while…). The winner of the poll? Jason Lewis and other. Four votes each. Let’s see who wins out for the role.
Hits: 36

I look forward to keeping this thing up and I hope you, whoever the hell you are, keeps reading and is somewhat entertained by the random shit that goes through my head. Here’s to another four months!


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