Vampires Gone Wild! America’s sudden craze over blood suckers…

…no I’m not talking about multi-national corporations! (oh come on I had to make a political joke)

A phenomenon has swept the nation! Teens and young adults have made vampires popular once again, and corporations are seeing dollar signs.

Our society is driven by trends. Trends come and go. I’m sure this one will do the same. Not that I’m saying vampires are a one-hit wonder. But for some reason, people have shown an increased interest in blood enthusiasts who stay up all night and have an allergic reaction to Christianity.

Why now? Is it the whole “bad boy” image that has and always will be very appealing? Is it because vampires don’t seem to be affected at all by the recession? Is it the feudal relationship between the protector (Edward) and the one who needs protecting (Bella)? Is it because of global warming, where being pale will be unavoidable (except for vampires, which will be dead give away #1)? Is this anyway connected to the election of Barack Obama (you know someone is going to blame this on him)? Is it because the Twilight series is actually well-written? ARE ALL VAMPIRES “GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE”?!?!

I know someone, more qualified than myself, who might have answers to these questions. After all, she’s dealt with vampires for a very long time:

To be clear though, vampires in media, much like vampires themselves, have endured the years. Rotten Tomatoes recently released their 25 Best Reviewed Vampire Movies. It’s probably the only time you’ll see Keanu Reeves, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise on the same list.

Do I have have an answer to all the questions I posed? No, not really. I actually have no idea why this is all happening. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while and because I’m so detached from the mindset of tweens, I just assume it’s the whole ‘taming the bad boy’ thing. If you would like to present a better argument, please be my guest.

I do appreciate good looking people and bad assness. Keeping that in mind, I just to make this incredibly obvious comparison, that nonetheless, still needs to be made:


Yes, I believe Edward can get his ass kicked very easily. They need to make a Blade video killing Edward and the circle of justice would be complete. He’s not the most bad ass vampire in the world. In fact, he’s the creepiest. Creepy in a bad way.

With that said, what is your favorite vampire movie/ series?


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