Fox News: The Epic Fail of the News World

Okay, so let’s be (kinda) fair, all the 24/7 news channels aren’t exactly ‘unbiased’. In fact, I continue to hold the belief that it is impossible for journalists to be ‘unbiased’. We’re human beings, the way we judge what is ‘newsworthy’ comes from a mostly subjective place. BUT I do believe that Fox is pretty blatant in their bias. I wouldn’t normally care…but their tag line is “fair and balanced”. Come on Fox, stop kidding yourself. You have a conservative bias. You’re speaking to a mostly conservative viewership.

In one of my journalism classes, we talked about how most Americans don’t watch news that carries a variety of views, but what already conforms to what they believe. That’s why MSNBC all of a sudden became the blatant ‘liberal/ progressive’ station, so they could catch that market. Just like how Stewart wants the Obama administration to admit it: yes, this post isn’t about MSNBC because 1) it’s only been recently where they’ve been following the Fox News way of being blatantly bias, 2) since I lean more toward MSNBC’s bias, I don’t see them as dangerous as Fox. But for the record, I don’t watch MSNBC. I like reading/ listening/ seeing news, not cheerleading sections.

The moral of the story? The 24/7 news channels isn’t news/ journalism. It’s Enter-pinion (or optainment). If you want to be an informed person, get your news from a variety of sources. I know, it’s a lot of work. That’s how capitalism has fucked journalism. It’s about viewership/ revenue, not the value of the story. Especially in our fast-paced, internet world.

Yes, I blame capitalism. As a person who’s studied history from a material point of view (and various biases): history (and the “truth” for that matter) has a liberal/ progressive/ leftist/ etc. bias.

You can take that as my opinion. But it’s based on material fact and lots of studying. If you came out with a different conclusion based on the same facts and amount of studying…then that’s where we have to find out what the differences are and find some unifying ideas. Or we can fight all day long and get no where. Like the people on Fox and MSNBC. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Jon Stewart calls Fox out: “Not even close to news”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S.: if you want to find out other ways how Fox News isn’t really news, check out: OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism


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