Thanksgiving! F–K yeah!

Kill them with kindness...then actually kill them...

I’ve seen/ read/ skimmed through several pieces that talk about how “Thanksgiving” is nothing more than a prime example of how history is distorted in order to brainwash people to have this idealized image of America and to forget the genocide of indigenous people. There’s no point in beating a dead academic horse.

You can do a google search for academic resources, but one in particular that’s pretty easy to read is an excerpt from Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen. I suggest this reading as a good starting point to understanding the true history of the time period, especially if all you know about it what you learned in school. One quote that stands out:

“They served pumpkins and turkeys and corn and squash. The Indians had never seen such a feast!” When his son brought home this “information” from his New Hampshire elementary school, Native American novelist Michael Dorris pointed out “the Pilgrims had literally never seen `such a feast,’ since all foods mentioned are exclusively indigenous to the Americas and had been provided by [or with the aid of] the local tribe.”

Doh. But I’ll leave it to Ozomatli to speak the truth of immigration to America:

So be thankful today (like you should every other day), appreciate your folks, pay homage to those who came before us, the native people who had their land jacked from them, and use today to educate people on its true history. I’m thankful that the truth never dies.

Origin myths do not come cheaply. To glorify the Pilgrims is dangerous. The genial omissions and false details our texts use to retail the Pilgrim legend promote Anglocentrism, which only handicaps us when dealing with all those whose culture is not Anglo. Surely, in history, “truth should be held sacred, at whatever cost.”


One thought on “Thanksgiving! F–K yeah!

  1. Throughout history, every society which failed to advance its technology has found itself conquered from those which have. We are a planet of tribes. It’s one of those indisputable facts of life.

    There is a lesson here.

    We should be very, very careful about advertising our place in the universe.

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