The Rotten Tomatoes Show: My new side hustle

If you’re into movies, you probably know about the website, Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a website dedicated to movies and gives a percentage of approval to films based on a variety of critic’s opinions. On Current TV, they have a show called ‘The Rotten Tomatoes Show’. Like the website, they give opinions on movies and other kinds of comedy skits related to films. Since it’s on Current TV, the viewers are involved in the production of the show. They focus on three new films to review each week. Viewers submit a video review for these films and if they chose to use part of your review on air: 1) you get to be on tv 2) they pay you $100.

My sister encouraged me a few months to submit a review. I didn’t take it seriously because I didn’t think I would ever get chosen. But because of an increased need to raise income, I finally got my ass in gear and tried it out.

So far I’m 2 for 2. Not that I mind being on TV for some kind of protest, but I enjoy the diversity in exposure (and my family likes it too of course). The money that I raise from this will go to my expenses for BSB this year.

I encourage folks to also submit reviews. As long as you have something funny or interesting to say, you should get picked to be on the show. I do neither, and I still get on! Amazing. So keep an eye out, I’ll do my best to be on every week.


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