Team Coco: Why do they still pick on the nerds?

With the end of the prime time “Jay Leno Show”, the late night TV world is set to be reset to what it looked like last year. If you’re an NBC executive, you hope things will be exactly the way they were: Jay Leno constantly beating David Letterman in the ratings.

However, you can’t erase the past 8 months. Things have changed.

I’ve been a Conan O’Brien fan for a long time. I remember when I was younger, trying to stay up really late in order to catch his show. Then in high school, having the freedom to stay up really late without my parents on my back about it. I was pretty much raised on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, as well as his writing stints on “The Simpsons” and “Saturday Night Live”. I know people find different things funny, so I used to gauge my compatibility with people (friendly or romantic) on whether they liked Conan or not because if they didn’t, then it was usually a telltale sign of how we would get along.

In case if you were curious, this one of my top 5 Conan skits:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Want more? Time did their own Top 10 Conan Moments.

Then when he took over ‘The Tonight Show” last year, I was lucky enough to watch a live taping with my good friends, Jessica and Jaye. Props to Jaye for getting the tickets. This was literally a dream come true and one of the best, non-organizing experiences of my life.

Then all this craziness happened at the beginning of the year. Leno started getting killed in the rating. Conan wasn’t doing as well as the network wanted. The local NBC affiliates wanted some kind of action. I won’t rehash all that’s been written and reported. Honestly, I’m tired of it and that’s not the point of me writing this. BUT! I will share this:

Top 10 Moments from the Late-Night War

The facts? Conan went out with guns blazing and his best ratings ever. Leno went out sinking further and further. You can argue that’s because Conan was going completely off the air while we’ll see Leno back at 11:35 pm on March 1st so there was no urgency to watch Leno. We’ll see when he comes back on air. My theory? Conan fans felt safe in the fact that he wasn’t going anywhere that they got lazy and didn’t watch his show. So with the clock ticking, they all came back and showed that Conan was still popular. During his last (and pretty awesome) show, he made that infamous speech which only confirmed my respect and admiration for him:

So with Conan’s show gone, Leno’s show gone and ready for a reboot back at his own spot, us Conan fans are left watching reruns at 11:35 pm till the end of this week (of course, none of the reruns are from when Conan started pwning NBC on air). People tell us to blame ourselves, that we didn’t support his show when it matter. I can for myself, I tried to watch as much as I could. Even though Conan’s show was different at the earlier time slot. Had to be more ‘mainstream’. No more ‘Masterbating Bear’. He was still better than most shows on at time, in my opinion.

Most Conan fans blamed the NBC Execs and Jay Leno for the move. I mean, if it was Jay’s show that caused the initial ruckus, why did Conan have to move? Also, they blamed Leno’s unfunny-ness. I used to watch Jay Leno, but stopped once I realized he does the same ish over and over. He seems thrown off if it’s not written on a card, as shown by Jimmy Kimmel’s pwnage of him:

I’ve always loved Conan for what he was: a funny nerd. I included him into my “Nerd Poem” because of his past (valedictorian of his high school class, magna cum laude at Harvard) and self-deprecating humor that’s common among nerds who are funny. But he also breaks the mold of what most people think of nerds. He stood up for what he believed in, defended those close to him, and refused to be pushed around. He isn’t the nerd whose lunch money you can steal. He’s the one he’s clever enough to know how to fight back and be intimidated by threats and harsh words. In the end he knew he was right, and so did his fans. He loyal fans came out droves when they needed to. Maybe we were too cocky. Thinking that everybody loved him as much as we did. I guess we thought seven months would be enough.

So now what? Him and his staff got their severance pay. Conan can’t host another show until September (by then, we should know whether Leno coming back was an epic fail). Where does he go now?

Besides the random job offers he received during the last weeks of his show, it’s been speculated that he’ll do a late night show for FOX. But according to news reports, they’re not in serious talks yet. But many people want him to take over for Simon Cowell on American Idol!

I, for one, will follow where ever he goes. Network, cable, internet, 7/11 parking lot, where ever. I still believe he’s one of the funniest people in the world. With all the craziness happening in the world, I think we could use more Coco.

Oh, by the way, if you’re trying to watch old episode on or Hulu, you’re shit out of luck. Thanks NBC. No wonder, you’re getting killed by the other networks. Have fun losing all that money over the Olympics.


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