Are You Smarter Than A Mid-20s Star Wars Nerd?

Yesterday, my friend Vic sent me these Star Wars quizzes. Honestly, my knowledge is a bit rusty. I’ll watch the films when they randomly show on Spike and it’s been years since I read the books (yes, I used to read the books). I like to think that life has occupied more of my time these days and I’m not as obsessed as I was when I was a teenager (no really, I swear!).

But like a true fan of…anything really, the passion and knowledge never leave you. So if you feel bold enough, here are three quizzes I took yesterday. Have fun!

Oh, and I joked about how this would a part of the placement test for my future wife. I was only half kidding…guess that’s why I’m still single!

Can you name these Star Wars Planets and Moons?

My score: 12 / 12

Can you name these characters from the ‘Star Wars’ movies?

My score: 30 /32

Can you name the things shown below from the Star Wars movies?

My score: 20/20

On that note, my family got me this from Christmas:

I have no idea why…


One thought on “Are You Smarter Than A Mid-20s Star Wars Nerd?

  1. Oh Els… no one compares to you when it comes to Starwars even George Lucas… Just to beat you he’ll revise Star Wars history

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