If I could vote in the 2010 Philippine Elections…

As of the writing of this entry, the 2010 Philippine Elections is underway. Filipinos are choosing who their next President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, etc. will be. Already there’s been numerous reports of fraud, voter intimidation, voter bribing, machine malfunctions, shootings/ killings, and all the like. Follow www.bulatlat.com on twitter @bulatlat for live up to the minute updates.

If you study the history of the Philippines, you also know this is one of the bloodiest and most corrupt times in the country. Also, if you study Philippine History, you know many politicians are corrupt and don’t work for the interest of the people. They work for foreign (U.S.) interests and their own well-being. Many come from political dynasties who’s wealth is built from maintaining political power or are celebrities using their star power, not their own qualifications, to catapult them into office.

Knowing all this, I do think there are a few genuine individuals/ parties who want to serve the interests of the Filipino people. That is why I imagine if I could vote in the Philippine elections, I would vote for:


Honestly, I don’t know. I know I don’t want GMA 2.0 aka Gibo. I know I don’t want Noynoy because he blames peasants and workers for the Hacienda Luisita massacre. I know I don’t want Erap because…well the people ousted him already! The other lesser known candidates, I unfortunately don’t know much about them. I’ve heard some positive things about Manny Villar, but honestly:

I’d probably just abstain. If I don’t feel good about my vote, then I won’t make it.

Vice President

So this is the race for the “what if President”, in the possible scenario the person above screws up (especially if Erap is given a second chance). Honestly, I know less about these folks. Mar Roxas is just like Noynoy, running on the merits of his family. Binay is Erap’s running mate. Nuff said. Like Villar, I hear good things about Legarda, but: (refer to video above). Another blank position for me.


Okay, finally something I can get behind. There are two candidates who I fully support and know will serve the needs of the people honestly and truthfully. In no particular order:

Liza Maza- #33

Liza Maza is a three-term congresswoman from the Gabriela Women’s Party. Prior to her involvement in politics, she showed her dedication to the people as an organizer and leader with GABRIELA. In congress, she’s introduced numerous bills fighting for the protection of women, children, and migrant workers. I know as a senator, she’d continue her work for the Filipino people by junking the Visiting Forces Agreement and other treaties that keeps the Philippines subservient to foreign interests. But don’t take my work for it:

Satur Ocampo- #37

Satur Ocampo is another three-term congressman from Bayan Muna Partylist. He’s been fighting for the people ever since his youth, becoming a founding member of Kabataang Makabayan. By profession, he is a journalist (represent yo set!), always looking to report the truth to the masses. He has been the Deputy Minority Leader in congress while introducing bills like the Anti-Torture Law and the Abolition of the Death Penalty. I would be proud to call him a Senator of my homeland. But I’m not the only one:


With the partylists, you are only able to vote for one. That sucks because there are a few which I support. But if I had to choose just one:

Kabataan Partylist- #152

Kabataan Partylist is the only partylist in congress which represents the issues and concerns of Filipino youth. One of their founding members include the League of Filipino Students, so I know that they truly fight for the youth and students of the Philippines. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Rep. Raymond “Mong” Palatino when he was living in the Bay and he isn’t a traditional politician by any measure of that term. He’s down-to-earth, humble, and has his heart in the right place. I take pride that Filipino youth have someone in congress fighting for them. If things go well, we’ll have two more joining him. Imagine the possibilities? The youth would have the leaders necessary to fight for their issues. Also, the youth would show themselves as a powerful voting block and candidates would have to have ads that related more to us, like this one:

Other partylists that would earn my vote:

One day, through the powers of dual citizenship, I hope to vote in the Philippine elections one day. Why? Because the Philippines still receives millions in U.S. tax dollars and the last thing I want is that money to end up in the hands of corrupt traditional politicians. Because the current politicians continue policies that force Filipinos out of the country (hence why we’re here). I want to make sure people who have the masses’ interest at heart run my homeland’s government. Because our people deserve better.


3 thoughts on “If I could vote in the 2010 Philippine Elections…

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  2. Lyle,

    Manny Villar is willing to work with Makabayan which is why Satur and Maza are guest candidates on his NP slate. There are 4 main points he agreed to work with Satur and Maza on: The 2 most crucial ones in my opinion are 1: nationalizing the industries to provide fair work to residents and to stop the liberalizing of the economy a.k.a. exporting the labor force while allowing the national resources to be drain for foreign corporations/nations. 2: work on long and lasting peace through negotiations and discussions. (I think you actually know all that already) The thing I hate about Villar is that he claims he can eliminate poverty (no one man/woman can do that alone) It takes a nation to come together to do this which is why Satur and Maza make a great team because they have experience getting people to work together on common ground. I also hate how he authored the H.S.A. (Human Security Act) and still boast about it. Legarda on the other hand is a journalist likes you and has strong environomental background which I think is good especially if the country doesn’t want to deplete its natural resources (forests, water and minerals)

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