On The Poll: Do you agree with Chris Evans as the new Captain America?

During my blogging hiatus, some big nerd news came out. After a lengthy search, Paramount Pictures named actor Chris Evans for the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America for the upcoming film, Captain America: The First Avenger.

If you remember, I did an entry about who was being considered for the role and my personal pick, Jason Lewis, won out on my poll. But looking at the rumor mills, he wasn’t even in the running. Too bad. Channing Tatum was supposedly one of the finalists and I would have thrown a brick at someone if he got it. A more established actor, John Kransinski from NBC’s The Office, was supposedly in the running and while I love him as an actor, I could never see him as Captain America. All I can imagine is him doing that funny smirk he always does while the Red Skull tries to kill him. And I guess Ryan Phillippe really wanted to do it. I would’ve been okay with that, if only to make his son proud of him.

From reading other blogs, message boards, twitters, facebooks, and other nerd outlets, many seemed to be skeptical about Evans as Capt. The main issue seems to be how he played Johnny Storm in the previous Fantastic Four movies:

I don’t like actors playing multiple characters in the same fictional universe as well. But, seeing as I’ve completely disowned those Fantastic Four movies because of their awfulness, his portrayal of Johnny Storm doesn’t exist…at least in my mind. But…then again, if he wasn’t able to pull off the first role, how can I entrust him with an even bigger role?

Overall, I’m very skeptical. But he’s Captain America now, for better or worse. I hope he can prove us nerds wrong. If he doesn’t…we’ll be calling for the ‘Death of Captain America‘ movie sooner than later.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “On The Poll: Do you agree with Chris Evans as the new Captain America?

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  2. Why pretty boys? Captain America should be a rugged soldier bitter about how America isn’t doing its job to protect its country. Cap should be able to command presence, does this kid do that. Hell No he doesn’t. We need a Joshua Castro or Princess Bustos for that role

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