Happy 85th Birthday Malcolm X!

It was in high school where I first listened and read the words of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X. The teacher who introduced Malcolm X to me was my favorite high school teacher, Ms. Gaulin (who got married after I graduated and I don’t know what her new name is now). For the first time, I was able to relate to the words of someone in English class. This helped ignite my path towards self-discovery and lead to where I am today with my consciousness.

Like many important leaders, he was taken from the world much sooner than he should have been. His words still live deep in many of us and his autobiography is still the starting point for many activists and organizers.

We recognize his birthday and gain inspiration from his work in order to advance our own. I am proud to share the same birthday month as him. Mabuhay si Malcolm X!

(he has a lot of powerful speeches out there, but I’m feeling this one the most today, so happy birthday!)


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