It’s that time of the year…COMIC-CON!

This is an exciting week. Not only because it’s the one year anniversary for this blog…but also that it coincides with the biggest geek fest in the world: SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION INTERNATIONAL!

Again, I am going into this unsure if I have a pass or not (though I have many leads working on it). This time my partner-in-Con will be Brandon, as a kinda farewell gift before he moves to the Philippines.

Here are the top 5 things I’m looking forward to this year:

1) Random acts of celebrity sightings. I only care about celebrities when they’re relevant to my life. Which is why I only care about them at Comic-Con. Last year I had people randomly walk past me (cast of The Big Bang Theory) and within visual sight (Olivia Munn). Really, there are only three people I really want to meet. Summer Glau, Kristen Bell, and Olivia Munn. I haven’t heard if Kristen Bell is going to be there, Summer Glau has a panel for her new NBC show, and Olivia Munn is usually around the G4 booth. Other than that, I’ll be okay with surprise run-ins while walking the floor.

2) Actually going to panels. The lines get long quick, so I’ll really have to be on point for this. I really want Brandon to go to the Tron panel. There’s a bunch of panels for TV shows (The Big Bang Theory), video games (Halo: Reach), and movies (Thor) I’d like to catch. There’s nothing like being in a room full of fellow fans getting excited about every little piece of spoiler information you have the privilege to receive.

3) Nerds Gone Wild! In cosplay. I’m excited to see who dresses as what. Who puts that extra effort. Who should have put less effort. Who should have came as something else. This is probably the best part of the convention.

4) Friday is Star Wars Day! Nuff’ said.

5) Sunday is the day for those looking for deals. All the big companies dump all their excess freebies. Booths are usually looking to unload all their stuff at reduced prices. Temptation is a big thing. A shrinking bank account is bigger. I look to find a healthy medium which allows me enough money to drive back home.

We’re still trying to compile our ideal Comic-Con schedule. There are also plenty of non-Comic-Con-related activities going on this well too. So I’m pretty sure no one is getting any sleep.

Last year I wanted to blog after each day. I won’t promise that this year seeing how that was an utter failure. But if I can, I will do my best. Check back!

But if you can’t go this year, G4 is going to have live coverage. It’ll be like you’re there without all the sweaty nerds!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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