5 Best Moments of 2010

1) SFSU Filipino Graduation 2010

-Overall, the event itself was great. Met a lot of dope folks who I hope to see do some big things in the near future. Had the chance to get to know some fellow grads a little better (graphics committee!) while getting a lot of work done. And of course, seeing my family the day of. They were the main reason why I did it and it meant to world to see most of them there. Also, figuring out what “graduation” means to me and how that differs from how others may see it. This was a journey that didn’t end on the actual day.

2) San Diego Comic-Con

-Second time going. Even better than the first. This time I was able to go to the panels and they were dope. Definitely worth the wait in all those lines. Seeing random celebrities was dope, whether they were at scheduled events or you just happened to see them pass by on the floor. Free stuff is always dope. Lots of free stuff. Everything: dope. Also, taking Brandon to his first one before he moved to the Philippines and seeing the joy on his face made me feel like a parent who took their kid to Disneyland for the first time. What made everything even more awesome was I wasn’t even sure how we were going to get in up until the minute we got to San Diego, haha. Now, I have made it my mission to take a newbie with me every time I go. If I’m there for this years, Charles is on deck. I definitely recommend people should go, even if they don’t consider themselves a “nerd”. They pretty much have something for everyone.

3) 3rd International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees in Mexico

-Man…I’m still processing that whole trip. Life changing, life threatening, awesome, exhausting, cold, hot, and a whole lot of other adjectives that would fill 10 more entries. To be in the same room with so many inspiring individuals from all over the world. Many of us didn’t speak the same languages, but we all understood our relationship with one another and how that relates to each others liberation. These international conferences and assemblies really remind you that you’re not alone and what we struggle for here at SFSU/ the Excelsior/ San Francisco/ Bay Area, also exists all over the world. We can’t get too tunnel visioned, especially when we understand that the real problem is systematic. Long live international solidarity!

4) International Sporting Events!

-Look, I’m a sucker for these things. I know…many of these giant international sporting events are bias towards the big, industrialized countries and usually exploit the local host populations. But if you follow me on twitter, it was all I could talk about. First was the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Filipinos got another dose of cultural pride with speed skater J.R. Celski and my nighttime routine consisted of a whole lot of Curling. And the one where they ski and shoot guns…that one seems more like a another reason to shoot guns instead of an actual sport. But I guess Norway needs to build some self-esteem. After that was the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Though the anti-imperialist in me wanted to dislike the U.S. team, I couldn’t help but find myself cheering for them just a little. It was also interesting how it was used as another venue to talk smack about North Korea, bless their hearts. For me it was more exciting in the early rounds, instead of the playoffs. 1/8 of myself (Spain) ended up winning…though the Netherlands could have won and I would have cared pretty much the same.

5) Meeting and rediscovering awesome people

-Some folks know I was in a somewhat self-induced social exile from the world for the past couple of years. I just needed to be by myself. But after some internal shifting around, along with finally feeling comfortable interacting with other human beings again, I began the slow, but steady process of connecting and reconnecting. And at where I stand right now, I can say it has paid some dividends and I’ve met/ re-met some people who will hopefully be around for a while because they’ve made a lasting impact on me. If I haven’t told you already, thank you from my deep, dark, cold soul.


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