Constant Rotation

It’s my second full day in the Philippines. Last time I was here, it took me a good couple weeks to get used to everything. That seems to be the same case this time around. But I’ve had to go out of my comfort zone and try to get used to things quicker. I’ve been able to navigate my surroundings and my decent sense of direction comes in handy, especially at night.

On the way here, I got to check off one thing from my bucket list: fly into a Tokyo airport. I’ll say this about Japan: outside of the city, it’s hella green. I don’t think they waste one acre of land. But that’s just based off what I saw on the descent.

When I finally got into Manila (after about 15 hours of flight), past memories started to come back. That’s the funny thing about airports, its always your last memory and the thing that greets you when you return. It helps with the adjustment process.

When you walk off that plane, the humidity smacks you in the face like a good wake up call: you’re not in Kansas anymore.

After you grab your boxes and head out of the airport, you’re faced with the reminder why you’re here: the people. Many of whom are waiting for their loved ones to arrive, some looking to snatch something from an unsuspecting newcomer. And when you walk out, you’re surrounded by your fellow travelers, some very well off (yeah, I see your very expensive luggage), others who were just barely able to afford the airfare. By the way, there were some creepsters on my flight. Like “To Catch A Predator”-kind-of creepsters. Simply, it was uncomfortable.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for my greeters, Carlo and Brutus to find me (sorry for sending you my itinerary late). We loaded up a taxi and then I was met with the number sign that I just arrived from America: I tried to put on a seat belt. Silly me.

So my internet cafe time is ending and the last thing I’ll say is that it’s fraking raining like a mother here. I got caught without a jacket or an umbrella the other day. It felt like I got caught in an outdoor hot shower. Thank you rainy season.

Till the next time.


2 thoughts on “Constant Rotation

  1. Lyle,

    Thanks for posting and sharing. i found this post from your google status. I hope you’ll have time to post another reflection about what you saw, learned.. the difference between this trip and the previous one.


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