John Avalos: the Peoples’ Mayor

It has been a great experience volunteering for the John Avalos for Mayor campaign with everyone from Filipinos for Avalos. It only reconfirmed my support for John and what he’s trying to do.

I’ve always been one to be pessimistic about politicians and the whole political system in general. You can’t study history and not be somewhat apathetic. We’ve seen many candidates speak of very populist ideas, but eventually be eaten up by their own ego and individual aspirations.

What I’ve seen in this campaign is exactly what we should see everywhere if we’re truly trying to be a democracy. A campaign not run by huge amounts of corporate money. A campaign supported by an army of community volunteers who really believe in the candidate, not people looking to build a resume or climb up the political ladder. A campaign that emphasizes building a movement of people, not placing all our bets on one person.

Whether it is phone banking or door knocking or putting on door hangers or passing out fliers or forwarding facebook or twitter updates, people from all different walks of life and places have contributed to this campaign. This was a community effort if I ever saw one. No natter what the numbers say, we’ve won. I know that’s what every other campaign will say, but we’ll be able to say it while spending a lot less money, no debt, and on the way to building a long-term movement.

This campaign was never all about John. Sure, he’s the guy we rallied around and his name we’ve been talking about non-stop for weeks. But his ideas come from the struggles and triumphs of people. We all knew from the beginning that whether got John to be mayor or not, we have to build a stronger people’s movement for change in the city. Only then can we have enough people power to fight off the influence of the big banks and corporations. To build a more progressive San Francisco.

John started off the campaign later than others and with little money. Now he’s the main challenger to current mayor, Ed Lee. Money shouldn’t run democracy. People should. Now let’s prove it in San Francisco.


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